MacCormac Architects have designed several Residential projects ranging from High rise apartment buildings to single houses. Some of the key projects are featured here.

Seaview Apartments , Hamilton Hill

Completion: 2015
Client: Frank Ikladyous
Estimated Cost: $13 million
Apartments: 55 Apartments

Total Car Bays: 64

18 Esplanade, Perth

Architects in Association with Bates Smart

Completion: TBA
Client: Saracen Properties
Estimated Cost: $100 million
Total Floor: 2 Apartments Per Level
Total Apartments: 59 Apartments over 40 Levels including a 3 Level Penthouse
Total Car Bays: 148 Car Bays

The Peak, 229 Adelaide Tce, East Perth

Completion: 2009
Client: Diploma Constructions
Estimated Cost: Not Available
Total Apartments: 54 Apartments over 15 Levels
Typical Floor: 4 Apartments, 2x 1 Bed and 2x 2 Bed
Total Car Bays: 72 Car Bays in 4 Upper Levels

4 Hedditch Street, South Hedland 

Completion: 2013
Client: Niche Residential 
Estimated Cost:  $3M+
Total Apartments:  11 Apartments over 2 Levels
Arrangement: 10x1 Bedroom Apartments and 1x2 Bedroom Apartment
Total Car Bays: 14

Swanview Como

Completion: 2005
Client: Kareelya Proprty Group
Estimated Cost: $16M
Office Floor Area: 2200 (approx.) over 3 levels
Total Apartments: 29 over 5 levels

Restaurant Area: 550m2 (approx.)

Total Car Bays: 150

Equus, Hay, Barrack and Murray Streets, Perth

Completion: 2011
Client: Birchwood Pty Ltd
Estimated Cost: $80 million
Total Apartments: 138 Apartments over 20 Levels
Total Floor Area: Offices 8000m2 over 6 Levels
Retail: 2000m2 (approx) between Hay and Murray
Total Car Bays: 239 Apartment / 48 Commercial

Sales: Ben Owenall 6211 2500 

54 Kings Park Rd, West Perth

Completion: TBA
Client: PPM WA
Estimated Cost:
$7 million
Typical Floor Area:
Offices 720m2 over 4 Floors, Apartments 720m2 over 4 Floors
Total Car Bays: 26 bays in 2 Basements and on Ground

208 Adelaide Terrace, Perth

Completion: TBA
Client: Heyspring Pty Ltd
Estimated Cost:
Total Apartments: 149 over 26 Levels in 2 and 3 Bed Configurations
Apartments: 6 Per Floor Max
Total Car Bays: 238 Car Bays on 4 Decks

2 Private Residences 

Completion: 2010
Client: N/A
Estimated Cost: $650/house
Area: 220m2 over 2 levels